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2016 - 2021

Basics is an exciting line of lightweight necklaces and earrings that make the ideal companion for almost every occasion or outfit. Their versatility and unique style projects a sense of freedom - a breath of fresh air.

Beautifully crafted from stainless steel coil springs, thermoplastic and 3D printed elements, which through a comprehensive process of

cutting, twisting and bending, developed by the designer herself, are created into

something truly unique and magnificent.

Originating from the “best of” the collections 2016 – 2021, they are available in variety of vibrant colours, including black, yellow, blue, green, white, and red.

Basics _ When you just need to be _ yourself.

Fluttering Wings

Guzin (33 of 246)A.jpg

Waterfall Necklace _Large

Butterfly _Earrings

Butterfly Kette _ Large

Butterfly Kette _ Small

CASCADE Earrings  foto 1.jpg

Cascade Earrings _ Large

Guzin (41 of 246) a copy.jpg

Fluttering Wings _ Necklace

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