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BOLD EMOTIONS, the latest collection from Un_Wearable by Güzin is unisex and places the intriguing theme of Gender at the forefront. Combining for the first time precious silver metal with 3D printed matt plastic, striking colours and wandering shiny lines form the basic elements of the collection. Lines which brush against one another or transform into spheres, circles and semicircles, reflecting our greatest desires and give them true expression, resulting in unique peices of jewellery that are reminiscent of the X and Y chromosomes. Jewellery that is gender neutral.


Güzin Deveci-Gröhs, designer of the Vienna based jewellery label, has skillfully created her 6th collection with a melange of youthful vibrant colours, signature geometric forms and mixed materials, setting off an exciting contrast between them, setting off a BOLD EMOTION.

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