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With Spiral Evolution un_wearable by Güzin presents a completely new perspective to their spirals, which are an underlining characteristic of the jewelry label.

The designer, Güzin Deveci-Gröhs, explores the potential of geometric shapes combined with brightly coloured 3D printed elements and delicate stainless steel bows.

These new imaginative yet minimalist styles are just as playful and as delicate as they appear, not only in terms of comfort when worn but also in looks, whilst 3D printing technology enables lightweight stable design elements to be used.

At first glance the functionality of the pieces seem surprisingly simple, however, behind the minimalistic façade are sophisticated opening and closing mechanisms.

The geometrically inspired range of rings, bracelets and earrings are intended for all age groups and are unisex. Spiral Evolution not only allows un_wearable by Güzin to blur the boundaries between fashion and design, but between gender stereotypes.

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